Hiring the Best Handyman in the Boise Area


Couple talking to a Top Rated Handyman - 5-30-13

Finding and hiring the right Boise handyman can be an exciting process as you complete the list of all the household items that need to be taken care of.  From cleaning out gutters, staining decks, replacing light fixtures and putting up holiday lights, handymen (and women) are experts in putting homeowners’ minds at ease while they diligently complete the tasks at hand expertly and in a timely manner. Potentially avoiding a large DIY mistake, or simply saving yourself time in your busy schedule, handymen quickly earn their name by being quite handy.

Not only is it nice to have the household list complete, but there are many other reason to consider hiring a handyman to help with your projects around the house.


  • Large Range of Projects: Consider that you need someone to install a ceiling fan, replace a sink and also retile the bathroom floor. Without a handyman, you would need to hire three individuals or companies to complete these few items. However, unlike specific groups like electricians, plumbers and contractors, handymen are able to complete all the tasks at hand and much more!


  • Most Affordable Option: As mentioned above, “specialized” groups such as plumbers will charge much more for their services and also generally charge by the project based on an estimate of effort. Handymen, however, charge a per-hour rate which is much more affordable. Handymen are able to charge less than most companies or contractors as well because of lower overhead.


Additionally, through years of experience in the industry, handymen generally have established relationships with vendors in the community and are able to get materials at a significantly discounted price that you wouldn’t be able to get at a regular retailer. This allows you to save on the cost of your project simply by employing the right person.


Lastly, they also allow you to avoid the risk of making a costly mistake in undertaking a project. With their years of experience and perfected skill, they are able to complete projects without creating new costs or causing costly mistakes.


  • No Job is Too Small:  Contractors generally don’t take on projects that are under a certain dollar amounts; but handymen are willing and able to work on small household projects that don’t cost much.


  • Efficient and Timely: Hiring a handyman can save lots of time, and they can complete many tasks in just one afternoon of work. Since they are skilled in multiple areas, they are able to move from task to task quickly; completing things efficiently, saving you time and money in doing so.


  • Great Customer Service: Handymen know that there is an opportunity for a long term relationship with their clients which leads to better work, in a timely manner, and overall better customer service as they win your business. Additionally, having someone trustworthy and dependable you can call whenever something comes up, or needs a quick turnaround, is an invaluable asset.


  • Supporting Local Business: It might seem obvious, but supporting local business is of great benefit to our beautiful Boise Valley. With the new “Think Boise First” and “Think Nampa First” campaigns put on by the city, it is becoming increasing evident to support local businesses; and handymen are traditionally hired from within our own community!